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The 6 Best Cremini Mushroom Substitutes

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Mushrooms are a popular ingredient in many recipes, and Cremini mushrooms are no exception. They’re delicious and earthy and add depth to your recipe. Unfortunately, Cremini mushrooms aren’t always available but luckily, they have some excellent substitutes. 

Cremini mushrooms scattered on a kitchen counter

What Are Cremini Mushrooms?

They’re medium-sized mushrooms and from the Agaricaceae family. They’re the same mushrooms as white button and portobellos and only differ in maturity. They start as white button mushrooms and eventually become portobello. 

This is why they are sometimes labeled as “baby portobellos,” “baby bellas,” or “brown button mushrooms” in the grocery store.

What To Think About When Substituting Cremini Mushrooms? 

It’s essential to think about your recipe when picking the best replacement. The two main functions Cremini mushrooms add to your dish are mild savory flavor and texture.

6 Best Substitutes For Cremini Mushrooms From A Professional Chef

During my over 8 years of professional cooking in restaurants, I’ve cooked a lot with many types of mushrooms. This list is a choice of my favorite alternatives and I hope you find a great one!

1. White Button Mushrooms

They are an easy all round substitute for Creminis. They have a slightly softer texture, so cutting them slightly thicker will help keep the texture. Although if you’re looking for a mushroom to add a lot of umami to your recipe, there are better alternatives on the list. White mushrooms have a more delicate flavor but still be replaced a recipe at the same ratio.

Recipes: All Purpose.

Recommended Ratio Swap: 1 cup of white button mushrooms for 1 cup of cremini mushrooms.

2. Portobello Mushrooms

Portobello mushrooms are another excellent substitute with a similar earthy taste. They have a slightly more meaty texture that can duplicate the cremini texture by cutting them slightly thinner. I like to cut the portobello mushrooms in quarters before slicing them to make them a similar size.

Recipes: All Purpose.

Recommended Ratio Swap: 1 cup of portobello mushrooms for 1 cup of cremini mushrooms.

3. Oyster Mushrooms

Oyster mushrooms make a great alternative for seafood and fish recipes. They have a slightly briny flavor that works wonders with seafood and fish. They also have a meaty texture and can be cooked similarly to creminis.

Recipes: Seafood and Fish Recipes.

Recommended Ratio Swap: 1 cup of oyster mushrooms for 1 cup of cremini mushrooms.

4. Shiitake Mushrooms

Shiitake mushrooms make a great alternative to Asian-style recipes. They have a lot of umami flavors and a similar meaty texture. You can use both the caps and stems when cooking to add more texture, as the stems are chewy. 

Recipes: Asian Recipes.

Recommended Ratio Swap: 1/2 cup of shiitake mushrooms for 1 cup of cremini mushrooms.

5. Porcini Mushrooms

Porcini mushrooms are much more intense and make an excellent choice for recipes you want to add umami flavors. The downside is that they are more expensive than creminis.

When using porcini mushrooms, look for ones that are pale under the cap with no black spots or small holes.

Recipes: Umami-Rich Recipes.

Recommended Ratio Swap: 1/2 cup of porcini mushrooms for 1 cup of cremini mushrooms.

6. Chestnut Mushrooms

Chestnut mushrooms are a variety of cremini mushrooms that have a meaty texture and are easy to cook. They are a good all-purpose replacement and especially favor wintery recipes.

Recipes: Wintery Recipes.

Recommended Ratio Swap: 3/4 cup of chestnut mushrooms for 1 cup of cremini mushrooms.

Final Thoughts   

I never have an issue finding a great alternative for cremini mushrooms. Especially as they tend to be used to enhance recipes instead of being the main ingredient. If you want to play it safe and go for the best all-purpose, white button and portobello mushrooms are the closest match.

If you want to keep that earthy flavor and texture but don’t mind it being a little different, try oyster mushrooms for seafood. Shiitake with Asian flavors, chestnut mushrooms with wintery flavors and porcini for a huge umami boost.

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