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The 8 Best Porcini Mushroom Substitutes

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Need a quick substitute for porcini mushrooms? As a professional chef, this has happened to me many times in the kitchen. Over the years, I’ve tested a wide range of mushrooms for various recipes.

Luckily, there are many heavy umami-flavored mushrooms like porcini. This gives us some excellent substitutes.

Since porcini mushrooms are often used fresh and dried, I will give you my best alternatives for both.

Porcini mushrooms in a wooden basket in the forest

Best Dried Porcini Mushroom Substitutes

My two favorite dried mushroom alternatives are dried shiitakes and chanterelles mushrooms.

They both rehydrate well after soaking and their soaking liquids are rich. This means you can use the soaking liquid as a mushroom broth.

1) Dried Shiitake Mushrooms

Dried shiitakes are your best-dried mushroom choice if you want a strong umami flavor.

They can be replaced at an equal ratio to dried porcinis and take the same amount of time and liquid to rehydrate. They also share a similar meaty texture and are aromantic.

They are more commonly used in Asian cooking like stir-fries but also work excellently with European and American recipes.

Specialise: Broth’s, Soups, Sauces, Risottos, Pastas

2) Dried Chanterelle Mushrooms

Dried chanterelles are another popular dried mushroom. They are commonly used in the same cuisines as porcini mushrooms.

They are a little lighter in flavor but still have a strong savory kick. Something I like about chanterelles is they are not overpowering and add vibrance to your recipe.

You can swap dried porcini mushrooms at a one-to-one ratio with dried chanterelles. They both take the same time to rehydrate in hot water or broth.

Best Fresh Porcini Mushroom Substitutes

Fresh porcini mushrooms have a wider range of alternatives specializing in different recipes.

1) Shiitake Mushrooms

Shiitake is an excellent overall choice. One big benefit to using shiitakes is that they are cheaper than porcini mushrooms.

They can be cooked the same way and used in the same quantities. They’re intensely savory like porcini but have a slightly less earthy flavor.

2) Chanterelle Mushrooms

Chanterelles work as a slightly more mild alternative to porcini.

This does not mean they are mild because they are also umami-rich! It does means they add less flavor to broths or mushroom sauces. You’d want to increase the quantity slightly to match the porcini umami taste.

My favorite things to use chanterelles in are risottos, sauteing and creamy sauces.

3) Maitake Mushrooms

Maitake mushrooms are also known as hen of the woods. They have a similar texture with a rich, woodsy flavor. They’re another great substitute for porcini mushrooms.

Some recipes that maitake mushrooms work well in are risottos, soups and stews.

4) Portobello Mushrooms

Portobello mushrooms have a meaty texture and a mild flavor. If you prefer milder flavors than portobello is a good choice.

They are medium on a savory scale compared to porcini, which are intense.

Portobello mushrooms are large, so I like to cut them in quarters before slicing them.

5) Oyster Mushrooms

Oyster mushrooms have a slightly different texture than porcini mushrooms and a mild and briny flavor.

This briny flavor tends to pair well with seafood and fish recipes. They also work well with stir-fries.

6) Cremini Mushrooms

The great thing about creminis is that they are very accessible.

They are labeled baby portobello mushrooms. This is because they are an immature version of portobello mushrooms. The only difference is cremini mushrooms are harvested earlier.

They have a medium-mild taste with an earthly flavor. They are a great alternative for recipes like stroganoffs and work well as a pizza topping.


What do porcini mushrooms taste like?

Porcini mushrooms have an intense umami flavor that is earthy with subtle undertones. They stand up against other strong ingredients like cream and butter. This is why they are commonly used in creamy sauces and risotto.

What recipes are porcini mushrooms commonly used in?

Porcini mushrooms can be used in various recipes, including risottos, sauces, broths, soups and pasta sauces.

More Mushroom Ingredient Alternatives

Final Thoughts

Even though porcini mushrooms may not be accessible, you can still make that recipe! To replace dried porcini, use either shiitake or chanterelles at the same ratio.

To replace fresh porcini, you can either go for the closest all-rounder, shiitake or change it up with one of my other recommendations.

If you want to add a savory flavor and are okay with not adding texture, you can also use a dash of truffle oil instead.

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