• Weight Gainer Smoothie being poured into a mason jar with a sliced banana in the background

    Weight Gainer Smoothie

    This weight gainer smoothie is perfect for people who want to gain weight by increasing their daily calories in a healthy way. This weight gain smoothie has a ton of protein and healthy fats.

  • Sticky toffee pudding with spiced toffee sauce and ice cream

    Sticky Toffee Pudding

    This sticky toffee pudding is one of my favourite homemade dessert recipes. It has a sweet date flavour and is super moist with a soft bite to it. It goes perfectly with spiced toffee sauce and vanilla ice cream.

  • Toffee Sauce in a glass jar with spices and sticky toffee pudding in the background

    Spiced Toffee Sauce

    This spiced toffee sauce is super easy to make and delicious. Its much tastier then the store bought sauces, giving you a lovely hint of spiced flavour and aroma.

  • Baked vegan chocolate chip oatmeal cookies cooked on a baking tray

    Vegan Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

    These vegan oatmeal chocolate chip cookies are so moreish. They have a crunchy exterior and a super soft center. They are great for batch-making or baking in a rush, taking just 20 minutes from start to finish.

  • A baking tray with freshly baked cauliflower cheese with a crunchy topping. A spoon taking out a piece of cauliflower from the baking tray.

    Baked Cauliflower Cheese

    This baked cauliflower cheese is rich, packed with cheese flavour and has a nice golden crunchy topping. Its the perfect side to have with your Christmas dinner or Sunday roast.