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Looking for quick and easy recipes that are still high quality. These chef-tested recipes are all cooked and prepped in under 30 minutes!

Nothing beats the taste of homemade, fresh-baked Cornbread. This easy homemade recipe provides a perfect blend of sweetness and a moist crumb. It’s a delightfully comforting side dish that can be ready in a swift 30 minutes! Ingredient Notes Creating a delightful batch of cornbread all begins with the right ingredients. Here’s what you’ll need …

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This delightful Bounty milkshake is super easy to whip up taking just 2 minutes and 3 ingredients. It’s chilled, thick and packs a punch of Bounty bar flavor. Perfect for cooling off on hot days, but you can enjoy this sweet treat anytime throughout the year. Ingredient Notes Expert Tips & Tricks Creating the perfect …

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This delicious Mars milkshake takes just 2 minutes to make and uses 3 ingredients. It’s thick and cold with a strong Mars bar flavor. This milkshake is especially great for those hot days but can be enjoyed any time of the year.

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Indulge in this easy and delicious red velvet lava cake recipe in under 30 minutes. These warm, molten cakes feature a rich chocolate center that flows out as you cut into them. Serve with a scoop of ice cream or whipped cream for added tastiness.

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This creamy rose tteokbokki is quick and delicious, taking just 30 minutes to make. It uses authentic Korean spices and a creamy sauce that reduces heat levels, so it’s not overpowering with heat.

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