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A delicious range of restaurant-quality soups and stews made easy for home cooking. Popular recipes include Hungarian goulash and lentil soup.

This creamy rose tteokbokki is quick and delicious, taking just 30 minutes to make. It uses authentic Korean spices and a creamy sauce that reduces heat levels, so it’s not overpowering with heat.

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Cauliflower soup is perfect for the colder weather. It uses few ingredients but still packs a punch of flavour. This vegetable is packed with vitamin C providing around 80% of recommended daily vitamin C in just 100 grams.

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Try this pumpkin soup, its simple yet delicious. In this pumpkin soup I get the most out of the pumpkin season by using a combination of the pumpkin flesh, seeds and oil which gives you a really authentic taste of the autumn season.

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